Squarepusher unveils new video in Tokyo's Shibuya Square

“The concept began with the idea of ??implementing the near future, not the distant future, using modern technology. In the ...

Finding Your Tribe: Talking DIY with DEMON actor Ryan Walker-Edwards

"There’s lots of noise out there. Maybe we’re part of the noise — there’s no way to be sure. But ...

Spotlight on the North: Helsinki in Focus

"We felt a need to create spaces that are more accepting, softer, safer, inclusive and welcoming for ourselves, our peers ...

Clyde Built Radio Station launches in Glasgow

The station will operate out of the famous Barras market.

A Brief Guide to Doc N Roll Festival

A look at what's caught the eye and the ears.

The Changing Face of Budapest: Dancing by the Danube

A reflection on the state of nightlife and creativity in Hungary in the wake of raids and political change.

For Those That Like To Get Down - Ten Years of WOLF Music

"For us personally it has proven to be an odd experience to see yourself on film, but this documentary is ...

Oneohtrix Point Never soundtracks new film featuring Adam Sandler

"I was a fan of his music… his albums are very conceptual, and he was making basically scores for movies ...

A Beginning, Middle & End: Damo Jones talks about 'A Singularity'

A sneak preview of a great new book and the story behind the tale.

Rave on Film: Brian Welsh talks Beats and Basements

The filmmaker behind 'Beats' talks about days in the dance and crafting a narrative.

At Home (& Studio) With... Datach'i

"In our old place in Brooklyn our neighbours across the street were true exhibitionists, full nudity, sex, the lot and ...

Ransom Note to participate in the Independent Music Cup

In aid of War Child...

At Home With... Timothy Clerkin

The Ransom Note family member invites us into his new Amsterdam home...

At Home With... Robag Wruhme

Marking his return as he releases his first long playing album in eight years.

Breaking Down Barriers: True Music in Kraków

Boiler Room and Ballantine's hone in on Poland's cultural capital...


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