Premiere: AOD - Darkness

A veil of darkness had spread across the city, leaving streets and houses consumed by the shadows.

Premiere: En Anden - En Ting

The mountains were tall and mighty, they cast a stern shadow back down upon the deep green fields below in ...

Premiere: Aspetuck - Bounce

The pendulum swung back and forth, it hung suspended in the midst of a crowded room.

Premiere: KNLB - We Cut Up

The road was a burning haze of smoke and mirrors as cars whizzed past beneath the glow of the flickering ...

Premiere: Brian Summers - Rock All Night

Inside the bar, wooden panels stretched from floor to ceiling, each wall decorated with kitcsh hangings and ornamental frames. Smoke ...

Premiere: Patrick Conway - Cobby & His Animals (Luca Lozano Remix)

Wandering amidst the jungle he was surrounded by all sorts of creatures from far and wide.

Premiere: NUMBER - Crocodile Pyle

It was a full moon tonight, its stark white light cascaded across the sky illuminating planet earth below.

Premiere: Wraetlic - Tactic (Hodge Remix)

Out there, on the court, was an overwhelming sense of tension and stress.

Premiere: Frank Rodas - Obsess

The dinner was a sophisticated affair, anybody who was anybody was in attendance. These soirees were an opportunity to gloat, ...

Premiere: Rina - Peppermint Bouquet

The air was hot and thick making it hard to breathe in the small waiting room. She glanced up at ...

Premiere: La Fe - Ois!

Meandering between the back streets of nowhere there was little signposting which might act as a guide for escape.

Premiere: Adult Fiction - Not So Dark

The world outside was full of black and ominous clouds with a sordid weight and a heavy presence.

Premiere: Cornelius Doctor - Soft Rocket

Complete darkness engulfed the street as one by one each house switched off the lights inside. A curfew was now ...

Premiere: Two Thou - Thousands of Chimes Together

As the sun began to set on the summer evening the families in the village gathered to toast away the ...

Premiere: Lock Eyes - Love$Lust

The cars lined up on the starting line and a thick tension began to cloud the air. Throughout the stands ...

Samo and Martinou team up for new EP on ESP Institute

Lemmi Ash is born.

Ernest Hood material to be reissued by Freedom To Spend

"Sprawling through a haze of zither, synthesizer melodies, and foraged pedestrian sound, Neighborhoods is both a score and documentary composed ...

Shackleton readies new album under guise of Tunes Of Negation

The project also features the input of an assorted array of talented musicians including vocalist Heather Leigh, keyboardist Takumi Motokawa ...

Marcel Dettmann announces new label & releases

Exterminador, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Rabih Beaini are all locked in.

Dominik von Senger to release new LP

The new album is a reflective tape made up of sound bites and jams recorded at Brüsseler Platz, a place ...

Ransom Note Records launch online store

Choice cuts from Ransom Note Records will now be available to purchase online.

Crazy P, Lisa Loud & more locked for Carnival party

Other names booked to appear as part of the event include Guy Williams, Barry Ashworth, George Plants and Lulah Francs.

Renate prepares for 12th Birthday Celebrations

Axel Boman, Oskar Offermann and more across a weekend of revelry.

Sporting Life announce new EP on R&S Records

The announcement of the EP comes fresh off the back recent collaborations with Blood Orange.

Sno Globe ready cassette for Whities sub label Syon

The new release is an abstract collection of weird post punk infused with glitchy electronics and experimental soundscapes.

Macadam Mambo announce new LP from Twoonky

Twoonky is a project formed by two brothers from Italy, Michele & Simone Bornati.

Houghton Festival cancelled over safety concerns & adverse weather conditions

The festival was due to begin today.

Melbourne Post-Punks Exek announce next LP 'Some Beautiful Species Left'

Stream the tightly conducted kraut-psychedelia of 'Unetiquetted' before the release on September 6th.

Bawrut & Anna Lann remix Metronomy on new EP

The two Ransom Note affiliated artists have worked to recreate versions of two tracks.

Sigha, Dj Bus Replacement Service & Dj Lag set to play ELSE this weekend

One of the most interesting lineups in Berlin of late.