Premiere: JQ - Breathless

The track seemed endless, it spun each competitor round and round in a circle as they ran between flickering white ...

Premiere: Olaf Blanch - Borealis

There was a mysterious shape which blossomed amongst the stars, a radiant glow which flashed and flickered with wavering abstract ...

Premiere: Boris Acket - Znton 04

The planet was a million miles away from everything he'd ever known, it was a distant beacon of hope which ...

Premiere: Katerina - Born Again Jazzman

The elderly man sat perched on at the bar swirling the single malt whiskey in his glass.

Premiere: Filter Dread - RX 4 Real

The volume unit was perched precariously at the side of the stage, it acted as an omen for the noisy.

Premiere: Javonntte- Jazzpianodance

There was a busy house that evening as the lights began to dim amidst the old dirty bar, this place ...

Premiere: Huey Mnemonic - Vibrations Radio

The rumble echoed from the dusty speaker which sat nestled upon the corner by the kids playing ball.

Premiere: Mattiik - Shadow Of A Former Reality

The fairground was the talk of the town, a huge event that only took place once a year.

Premiere: Sebastian Gummersbach - You Brought Light Into Darkness

You were the one stood at the end of the long, spiralling tunnel, the glimmer of hope which shone at ...

Premiere: Morwell - Stay on the Streets

It was cold outside as the snow began to fall, the little flakes shone and glimmered in the orange haze ...

Premiere: Marzian - Sagrado (Timothy Clerkin Remix)

A weathered road sign signalled the way to the nearest village, it’s writing barely legible after years of neglect.

Video Premiere: Lost Souls Of Saturn - Frequency Revelation

Above the stars a space craft lingered, watching the vast expanse of the universe below.

Premiere: Lee Kelly - Ezzzz Into It

The alarm rang loudly, reverberating on the wooden bedside table.

Premiere: Energizeur - Sauce Sauvage

There was a beautiful light which shone brightly through the clouds as the birds flew amidst the sun kissed sky ...

Premiere: Leo James - Infinity

The voices were everlasting and echoed with a familiar hum.

Fete De La Music set to take place at Renate this Friday

With Curses, Xen and more...

Graintable Returns To Ransom Note Records With A Brand New Ambient Odyssey

The Portland producer’s second album ‘Universal Ash’ is out 12th July on digital and limited edition cassette.

Martyn releases Drum 'n' Bass inspired EP on Ostgut Ton

The new release is titled ‘Odds Against Us’ and will be available from the 26th of July on both digital ...

Albrecht La'Brooy to release ambient album on Apollo

"We spent a few days capturing the feeling of the slow-paced, relaxed surrounds: The wildlife, the strawberry pickers, the sounds ...

The Juan Maclean announce new album for DFA Records

Made up of the sprawling array of singles the pair have released across the past six years the new album ...

Lovefingers announces new Fingertracks Compilation

The release features music by the likes of Lifetones, D.E, Hotlegs, Florian Poser and more.

Pacific Rhythm announce new album by Unknown Mobile

It was inspired by a sequence of collective moments and memories, of times shared with friends and nature.

Timothy Clerkin Announces New ‘Unborn: Remixed’ EP On Insult To Injury

Out 28th June, with remixes from Curses, Mike Davis and Bawrut.

Carlos Cipa to make rare appearance in London

This year will see him release his third LP in the form of "Retronyms".

Christian Löffler announces UK dates

His first time in Europe since the sold out US tour.

New compilation focusses on underground producers in Glasgow

"Scene stalwarts rub shoulders with the freshest of faces - turning in a solid cross section of contemporary hip hop, ...

Special Request to release once lost, now rediscovered material on Houndstooth Records

The new album, titled "Bedroom Tapes", is a cohesive collection of electronica and idm which was reborn from cassette and ...

Lord Tusk to release two vocal tracks on OTIS

It's a left turn for a producer who has previously been known for his rugged take on electro, acid, hip ...

Patterns unveil summertime programme

Horse Meat Disco, Dan Shake, Batu, Commix and more.

Andy Bell to release debut album as GLOK on Bytes

Ride frontman announces first kraut electronica solo album.