Premiere: 1-800 Girls - Forgotten Love

There was a mark carved in the old tree which stood at the top of the towering hill - it ...

Premiere: Arvin Fajar - In The Shadows

There was a frosty feeling in the air this evening, a sense that something sinister was headed this way.

Premiere: Forte - Flip (DJ Popup Remix)

The machine crackled as the tape came to an abrupt finish.

Premiere: LINJA - Chaos In The Gardens Of Istanbul (Darkside)

A single rocky path was the only route up the dusty hill to the ancient gardens. Not many ventured up ...

Premiere: Interplanetary Criminal - Move

It was the height of rush hour in the city. The air was warm and stuffy, filled with the fumes ...

Premiere: RIP Swirl - Slimey

Marching through the undergrowth there was a bitter smell which hung in the air, it got caught in the nostrils ...

Premiere: A Psychic Yes - Maze Dream

Wandering amidst the tall green hedges it would appear that they might be stuck amidst this hectic puzzle for some ...

Premiere: Mischa Lively - More

The list was endless and growing fast.

Premiere: Dawl & Sween - Laser Guided

The beams shot through the dense black night with a dazzling flash.

Premiere: Zodiac Childs - Tears

The end of another year was quickly approaching, signalled by cold, crisp nights and oversized winter coats and wooly hats.

Premiere: Son Milton - Capybara

Moving through the jungle he began to notice all sorts of strange creatures and wildlife all around.

Premiere: Thodén - Temselaan

The robots were winning, one by one people began to disappear under the deadly cloak of night.

Premiere: Vernal Equinox - Motion Of Sound

There was a whizzing noise as the machine sprung to life with abrupt precision at the mere touch of a ...

Premiere: Desert Sound Colony - Budapest

The morning brought with it a thick grey fog that hung in the air, casting a dark shadow over the ...

Premiere: Timothy Clerkin - Kuiba

From the haze of that unknown place stumbles an amorphous form, babbling incoherent and languidly forcing themselves upright. The silhouette ...

The Love Inn to host special Ransom Note party next month

Scott Fraser & Kieran A take charge.

ELSE to return this Sunday with Konstantin Sibold

Seeing off the summer with ItaloJohnson, Alison Swing and more..

Object Blue, Suzanne Kraft & Ciel remix Seb Wildblood on new EP

Interesting reworks across the board.

Metro to host Pender Street Steppers, Simoncino & more in Berlin

Other guests include Marcella, An On Bast, Tamaa, Tham, Acierate, Charlie Smooth, Tuff Rubber, Jason, Niklas Niklasson and Michal Zietara ...

Space Dimension Controller announces new album for R&S Records

Love Beyond The Intersect' is a new eleven track album due for release on the 15th of November.

Anunaku readies hard hitting club focussed material on new EP for Whities

The alias and release is said to be inspired by cosmology and ancient mythology - it draws upon a sound ...

Pépé Bradock remixes The Cinematic Orchestra

'Wait for Now’ features thoughtful, poignant vocals from Tawiah which lend themselves to playful reconfiguration.

The Beat Hotel set for Marrakech Return

Floating Points, Kate Tempest, Kindness and John Talabot will all play.

Ransom Note team up with Heist Recordings at ADE for pop up showcase

On Friday the 18th of October we will be at the Baskèts pop up store and will be joined by ...

Shun set to release debut EP on Insult To Injury

The Tokyo-based producer's EP is indebted to his love of acid and techno.

Houghton set for 2020 Return

An annual made in collaboration between Ransom Note and Houghton for the 2019 is now available in all good record ...

Karenn to release debut album 'Grapefruit Regret'

The LP will feature eight tracks and is made up of the rough and rugged hardware and machine music which ...

Jeroen Search, Pender Street Steppers, Borusiade and more to play Renate in October

Other names announced to appear during October include Project Pablo, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Lauer, Felix Dickinson, Ex-Terrestrial, Galcher Lustwerk, Lil ...

OMMA readies a new album for Antinote Records

The album is a weaving tapestry of experimental electronics, abstract pop and psychedelia.

FOOOL prepares to release new EP on Kann

"FOOOLs new EP is about adolescence, peer pressure and - the most romantic act of teenage love in late capitalism ...