Premiere: D.K. - Shoubuari (Battle)

Golden sand dunes stretched as far as the eye could see, each grain shimmering under the sun's gaze.

Premiere: Keller Crackers - KC (Tolouse Low Trax Joint Mix)

The fields were moist and damp after the early morning rainfall, the birds chirped and sang in the glow of ...

Premiere: OL - Band Krait

The travelling circus featured the wildest, most wicked of mysterious performers.

Premiere: Felix Leifur - Brot 4

The town was derelict, not even a murmur could be heard throughout the cobbled streets. Ominous grey clouds loomed overhead ...

Premiere: Unknown - Rock The Boat (Benedikt Frey Rework)

The party was in full effect, brimming with friendly faces and lively, incessant chatter.

Premiere: General P.D.C - Amazon Dub

The river roared as the water cascaded rapidly down the mountain side, in the midst of the jungle the rain ...

Premiere: Local Suicide and Curses - It All Sounds The Same

It was the height of summer but inside the wood panelled dining room an icy chill could be felt in ...

Premiere: New Jackson - The Night Mail (Mano Le Tough Remix)

Under the cloak of darkness large shipments travelled the country, from head to toe.

Premiere: E Davd - Wavestation (Nu Cycle Mix)

Atop the rocks and murky sands, metallic crafts and lofty structures sprawled across the seabed.

Video Premiere: Ruf Dug - Boat Party

Next week Ruf Dug will be joined by Glowing Palms and Sarah Bates for a 'Video Rave' in East London ...

Premiere: Mesak - Ayran Meydan

The swamp was deep and perilous, out here on a distant planet far away there was little chance of being ...

Premiere: Levan - Refrigerator

As dusk broke, darkness continued to linger over the desolate fields, the sun unable to break through.

Premiere: New World Science - Movement 4

The routine was almost perfect, it was a beautiful performance with grace and style.

Premiere: In Flagranti - Expensive Wardrobe

Towering Brazil nut trees shrouded the dusty dirt track, only slivers of blue sky could be soon through the leaves ...

Premiere: People Places & Things - Funf (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

The glimmering lights were almost blinding against the backdrop of winter darkness which hung thick across the town, there was ...

New booking agency launches in Amsterdam

"Delia was born out of my love of the weird & wonderful, my music industry career so far and an ...

Dreamcast, DJ Sports, ZDBT & Project Pablo appear on new EP

House music galore...

Justin Robertson, Sam OB and more appear on 'DJ's for Climate Action' compilation

The release will be available from the 19th of April and features a number of prominent disc jockeys and producers.

Kompakt Records announce 'Velvet Desert Music'

Stream a track from Fantastic Twins now.

Minotaur Shock to release music on Bytes

His first under the alias in seven years.

Floppy Drive announces second party with Photonz & more...

Other names set to appear include krautrock inspired duo Dollkraut, techno and bass music powerhouse Redshape, Oliver Deutschmann and Alison ...

Light In The Attic to reissue rare Japanese City Pop & Boogie on new Compilation

The new compilation will be released on the 3rd of May.

Resolution announce immersive evening featuring Roly Porter, Bruised Skies and Piksel

This performance will be specifically developed for Aures, fully utilising the 54 speaker array and projections spanning over walls and ...

Only Now reveals new three track experimental EP 'Eternal Binding'

The first of four new EPs coming out this year courtesy of the San Francisco based producer.

Rare Garage EP from Germany via UK set for reissue

The new EP will feature music from Gush Collective members including Herb LF, Adam K, 2 Smart & Bassbin Drivers.

Mr. Tophat announces debut LP featuring Robyn, Axel Boman & more

The release is forthcoming on his own Twilight Enterprise record label.

Johannes Albert to host album launch party at Renate

In celebration of the release the label will host a party at Berlin's Salon Zur wilden Renate on the 23rd ...

Mark to release new music on Ostgut family label unterton

"A spiritual successor to last year’s tech/gentrification/real-estate-investment themed Integrier Dich Du Yuppie."

Dansu Discs unveils charity compilation for Mental Health Foundation

The compilation features tracks from a number of up and coming producers including R.Kitt, Parish, Interplanetary Criminal and Max Wyatt ...

Petrichor to play live set at Stirling Jail party this Spring

The party has become well known for championing underground electronic music in Scotland whilst drawing for abstract venues and locations ...