David Holmes – Humanity As An Act Of Resistance in three chapters

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david holmes – humanity as an act of resistance

As a nation, the Irish have always had a profound relationship with the people of Palestine.

“Whether born from our own history of British colonialism and occupationwhich has cost thousands of innocent lives or through our Connexxion of struggle for civil and human rights, which came to prominence in the North of Ireland in the late sixties just about the time that 20,000 Palestinians were murdered in the 1967 6 day war in Palestine. Ireland will always stand with Palestine and with other oppressed people around the world!  Whether you’re Palestinian, South African, Jewish , African American, Indian, Vietnamese, Iraqi or Afghani  Irish people will always be on the side of good– fighting against oppression and the removal of civil liberties and rights. But at this moment in time, it’s not about nationality or religion it’s about humanity – as an entire people stand on the precipice of extinction. 


As a proud Irish man and a citizen of planet Earth, to be silent (as we all bear witness in real time to the genocide of the Palestinian people) is not an option. It’s estimated that to date 35, 000 people have been slaughtered – 15,000 of them woman and children not including the bodies under the rubble and with more than 600,000 are on the brink of preventable starvation.

Our own Irish ancestors experienced a devastating famine exacerbated by the British occupation – when 1 million people starved to death and 1 million more emigrated. So as the Israeli government uses starvation as a weapon of war, I am not going to forget our past, as those who do so and stand byare surely doomed to regret their inaction.” David Holmes

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