Video Premiere: RIP Swirl – Love Song / Slipping My Mind


An official video taken from the Berlin producer’s debut LP on Public Possession.

He yearned for the past; obsessed over the things he’d missed and over the eras he could have been born. He certainly didn’t belong in this one. It felt like he was visiting from another time and had been mistakenly dropped here unknowingly. There was nothing for him in the present, he couldn’t find peace amongst these people – a simpler time called out to him, if only he could follow its voice.


In February of this year, Public Possession released Blurry, the debut album from Berlin-based producer RIP Swirl. A departure from his previous techno-leaning output, over the course of 15 tracks he navigates his own potent brand of outsider music, taking cues from pop culture, 90s skate video soundtracks and groups like My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. and Boards Of Canada. He crafts his own “soundtrack to a modern suburbia” that defies genre categorisation, and welcomes guests along for the trip including Andreya Casablanca, Catnapp, Clayjay and YdeGirl who add their own magic.


Blurry is out now on Public Possession.