Premiere: Mother of Mars – Through The (Natasha Bai Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Iman Cavargna-Sani

A wonderful combination as Natasha Bai remixes Mother of Mars.

Earlier last year Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi aka members of the era-defining NY post-punkers The Rapture emerged from their DFA/major label hangovers into a world of sonic wanderlust with their debut long-player ‘I Hear’ under their Mother Of Mars guise.

Emulating all that was good and great about the rhythm section of their previous incarnation but exploring corners all-new, on ‘I Hear’ they enlisted a third bandmate; Jaiko Suzuki, on vocals. The album ventured down different tributaries, journeying into psych, kosmische, avant-garde, fourth world and new age dreamscapes. The resulting album provided technicolour bleeps, drones, ethereal singing and a plethora of percussion interweave, like a fractal mosaic in harmonious sensorium.


Now on ‘We Hear’ the band mobilises rising producers, friends new and old, to remix the best tracks from the LP. First single, ‘Through The’, is Natasha Bai’s magical touch, taking out into the morning light as the sun breaks over the horizon. Natasha’s sound is marked by her ambient-pop influences, transporting the listener through otherworldly universes.

‘We Hear’ is out on Ransom Note Records on 17th August 2022. Pre-orders available from now HERE.