Premiere: Your Planet Is Next – Rhythm is a Dancer

Written by Oli Fletcher

Warning’s annual 7′ outing is a split release featuring two classic covers.

Like a movie scene or a dream he couldn’t wake from, he passed flashing lights at warp speed with no sense of direction. An experience reminiscent of a nostalgic 90s music video, with faded colours and bodies moving in ways we’d never seen before; all of this stimulated by a simplistic sound, one that’s fascinating, one that transports you back in time to those retro ‘MTV Top 20 Dance Tracks’ TV shows that seemed to play over and over and over again…


Your Planet Is Next is no stranger to making minimalist, low-bit remakes of huge classics. They’re bold, dry and stripped back covers that place you in some sort of hypnotic trance. Having already put his own spin on the likes of ‘Believe’ by Cher and ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ by The Smiths, he now takes on Snap!’s 1992 dance hit ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ as part of Warning’s annual 7″ outing. It’s a noticeable contrast to the original; equal parts melancholic and energetic, the track weaves together pitched-up vocals, clean synth stabs and grooving synth-pop melodies, while on the flip Warning family member Jotel California provides an electro breaks version of Grauzone’s Eisbær.