Premiere: R.2614 – No Planet B

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Euphoric, progressive techno on 909 Connection.

Out here in the midst of space they were all alone. As they careered through the deep black sky they became aware of the reality of which they now faced. Earth was long gone, left miles behind and they would be unable to return, not now, not ever.

Tiny stars flickered and flashed all around them, they might seem big to someone somewhere but were an ominous reminder of just how small and insignificant they were against the backdrop of space.

There was no planet b – there was no way back – there was no way out.

At least they had each other, lost in the hazy maze of the cosmos…


909 Connection are set to release a split two track EP featuring two club ready cuts with trance and progressive leaning influences aplenty. This track by R.2614 is wild and races between a whirring array of pads and a weirdly captivating sample in which “there is no plan b”.

Listen below and Buy HERE.