Premiere: Orlando B – Foreversong

Orlando B

Well tuned deep house from Orlando B on Conceptual Recordings.

There was a soft noise which echoed upon the breeze in the hazy glow of the afternoon sun.

It was melodic and beautiful and brought him memories of a happier, more peaceful time in which wild things grew and people were free to be just as they were.

This was a forever song, a musical triumph which would mean the world to them as they grew up and grew old beyond their wildest dreams.


Orlando B is set to release a new EP on Contemplate Recordings, a wonderful, whimsical affair which sings songs of nostalgia and is destined for euphoric dancefloors. This track is called ‘Foreversong’ and it goes deep, whilst ‘New Day’ from the same EP is a piano inspired banger destined for hands in the air moments.