Premiere: Quantic – Night Jaguars

2 Minute Read

Feel good house from Quantic on Will Saul’s longstanding label Aus Music.

There was magic in the air, the room was packed and crowded with wonderful people who danced as if they were floating upon beautiful delicate clouds.

The music roared and echoed between the tall walls and a thick, dense fog obscured limbs and cast wandering shadows between each reveller.

This was a special place, a wholesome place in which one and all were safe to be as they felt they should be. It was not heaven or hell but something else entirely – a place in which the sparks would simply fly and the night jaguars would roam.


Quantic makes an appearance on Will Saul’s longstanding record label Aus Music with a release destined to delight euphoric, happy go lucky dancers all over. This one has the feel good factor and we think you might be hearing it a lot in the coming months.