Premiere: Pletnev – Ti Ne Pravilno Menja Ponyal


Pho Bo Records rally together six producers for a VA EP.

Things had changed significantly when he reached home. The surroundings seemed unrecognisable; the buildings, the streets, the family run businesses — regeneration and gentrification had grasped the town with both hands and stolen its memories. How could just a few years make such a difference? Change was inevitable but this level of unfamiliarity left a sour taste in his mouth. What once belonged to him and every other inhabitant of this community had been snatched away.


Hot on the heels of their EP with Ninja Exotic Machine and Yeho, Bergamo imprint Pho Bho draft in six producers for a various artist release. ‘Inverted Echoes’ captures different strains of music for the dance floor, from bass-driven excursions to cosmic rhythms and downtempo cuts. Our pick from Lithuania-based Russian Pletnev, AKA Ponty Mython, closes out the A-side and flaunts his singular take on sequenced math beat laced with his deadpan vocals.


Inverted Echoes is out on 13th December.