Premiere: Metallic Means – Vivid (Tassilo Vanhöfen Remix)


A return to Moscow-based label ИДА from the emerging producer.

Wandering eyes fuelled wandering minds; it was normal to entertain alternative scenarios in your head — healthy even. Imagining the ‘what ifs’ could be exciting, it could challenge your idea of what direction you’re heading in, it could help open your eyes to new possibilities. A one track mind never served everyone, in fact maybe it’s just motivated by societal expectations. Sometimes norms needed to be called into question and new avenues explored.


It’s been two years since Metallic Means captured the attention of Moscow’s ИДА (Ida Sound). His debut release ‘Deep Fields’ was an introduction to the emerging artist’s penchant for experimental and wonky electronics, characterised by a melancholic energy and a production approach that blends samples, synths and live instrumentation.

He returns for a new EP, ‘Sonder’, which is made up of three tracks that bring different textures and atmospheres, from blissed-out ambience to trippy electronics and shapeshifting rhythms. On the flip Popoff Kitchen affiliate Moonoton channels the sound of the monthly queer techno party into their remix, while Neubau and Electric Tapes alumni Tassilo Vanhöfen morphs the original into a hypnotic trip into psychedelia.


Sonder will be released on 8th December.