Premiere: Octo Åeterna – Ma’am (Original Mix)

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Berlin/Santiago de Chile label Technologia Organica welcome three artists for their second label release.

The sky had never looked so beautiful, the hues of vibrant pink, orange and red felt otherworldly as they reflected across the water. It was the perfect backdrop for this paradisical place; it was undiscovered gem that remained untouched by human hands. The small country road wound through the hills and down to the seafront, passing through a sleepy village with white picket fences and perfectly preened gardens. Only a handful of people knew about this well-kept secret, it belonged to them and nobody else.


Technologia Organica continue their exploration of ‘Nature, Sound, Patterns & Communication’ on their sophomore label release. Made to be listened to on these balmy summer days, the split record explores deep twinkling acid, spacious breaks, dub techno and warm house grooves. The A-side is taken care of by Launaea and Harmony Rec’s Alfred Czital, while on the flip we’re treated to two versions of ‘Ma’am’, crafted by Berlin-based artist Octo Åeterna – an emotive acid original and a dreamy ambient electronica touch.


Yari / Ataxie / Ma’am will be available on Bandcamp only from 18th August.