Premiere: Unknown Genre – Cthulhu Macula

OGOOD005 digi artwork final 4200

Hardway Bros and Emperor Machine collaborate for the first time under the moniker Unknown Genre for Other Goodness.

Everything was pitch black, she couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Darkness engulfed the space, all other senses became heightened; a bitter taste swirled around her mouth and the air around her become thick and heavy. If she squinted hard enough maybe she could make out the shapes in the room but for now touch was her best friend; arms outstretched, she felt her way around the space, hoping a door handle or light switch would reveal itself. It could take her an eternity to find the exit but hopefully her senses wouldn’t fail her.


For their fifth release, Berlin label Other Goodness call on the talents of Andrew Meecham and Sean Johnston, better known as Emperor Machine and Hardway Bros, respectively. For the first time the pair collaborate under the guise of Unknown Genre, a fitting name for the melting pot of electronic influences on this debut EP, Elevator Ride. Made up of two originals, and backed up by a remix from Heavenly Recordings’ signees The Orielles, the release moves from the revving acid and driving rhythms of the title track through to the shamanistic grooves and hypnotic percussion of our pick ‘Cthulhu Macula’.


Elevator Ride is out now on Other Goodness.