Premiere: Furious Frank – Blossom


The Mind Dance boss returns to his own imprint for the first label release of the year.

Life began in spring, nature had finished its rotation and so the cycle started once again… The buds of the flowers began to peak their heads through and say hello while the cherry blossom sprouted overhead creating a soft pink canopy for the birds and the bees to play. The air was rife with the smell of freshly mown grass and sweet honeysuckle, there wasn’t a more beautiful time of the year than this, watching the world coming alive…


Mind Dance started a few years ago as a space for label boss Furious Frank to share his own productions and musings from like-minded artists. The Aussie producer, known for outings on Kalahari Oyster Cult, Butter Sessions and Ken Oath, has so far released four of his own EPs, one a collaboration with DJ Dogg, and he’s welcomed fellow pals from down under for a VA EP last year, including OK EG, Rings Around Saturn, Nice Girl and Current Obsession. For the next, which marks the first release of 2022, he’s back on his business with Wavepool, a batch of four melodic, shuffling club cuts that come with a proggy remix from New Zealand remix wizard Eden Burns.


Wavepool is out on 4th August via Mind Dance.