Premiere: Malik Alston – Stand

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Elegant deep house from the London label.

The room was crowded with onlookers who had come to witness what had been described as a beautiful miracle. What could be the harm in that? For it was always a wonder to see somebody healed from hurt – to see somebody rise upwards and face the demons which had been recklessly punishing them for, oh, so very long.

An organ played softly in the background as the pastor began to mutter a magnificent spell from the stage. There were gasps and exclaims as the lights flickered and danced on and off whilst the sound began to echo and refrain between the walls of this old building. There was an eerie, ethereal presence which hung thick in the air as the small, crippled woman rose from her seat on the bench.

This was it, the moment they had all been waiting for, as she began to stand.


Hardmatter are back with more delicately crafted, elegant deep house – this time featuring two producers of determined skill and prowess when it comes to working the dancefloor. Javonntte and Malik Alston feature on this new split EP – the latter of which delivers this track called ‘Stand’ and guides us towards the dark and murky rooms.

Listen below: