Premiere: GoodMostlyBad – My Neck, My Back, My Panic Attack


Reel Long Overdub kick off a new globally-focused compilation series with Monophonik spotlighting India’s electronic music scene.

In this place respite was a privilege, it never came for free or without some last minute condition attached to it. From dusk till dawn you were expected to work yourself to the bone; and when you weren’t physically doing so, you couldn’t help but think about it. How much of your daily thoughts it consumed; how little you found time to delight in your interests and hobbies – it had simply become the be-all and end-all. Could you steer your thoughts onto an unrelated subject? Could there be space for your own enjoyment? Somebody had to show us where we could find the “switch off” button…


Reel Long Overdub have launched a new compilation series, Reel Small World, to celebrate those wonderful connections you make with other like-minded music lovers around the world. With the aim of profiling burgeoning scenes and artists in countries across the globe, for the first release they’ve teamed up with New Delhi-based producer Monophonik, who has released on the label several times before, to shine a light on the scene in his home of India. Featuring ten producers including GoodMostlyBad, FILM and Rafiki, the release traces the sounds setting the electronic underground scene alight, from trance, techno and jungle to minimal and breaks. All money raised from the release will be donated to Salaam Baalak Trust who support children living on the streets.