Premiere: Awo Ojiji – Woodpecker

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Control Freak Recordings reignite their White Label series with a limited run of hand-stamped records.

Out here in the middle of nowhere it was easy to forget the importance of human contact. For as long as he could remember this little cottage in the depths of the countryside had been home. He was as secluded as one could get, and that suited him just fine, after all you didn’t miss what you’d never had. Nature and its inhabitants were his closest confidants; the sheep that roamed the fields, the bees that buzzed in his garden and the woodpecker that perched on his window each morning – they listened to his thoughts, feelings and ramblings, without expecting anything in return.


It’s been over a year since London’s Control Freak Recordings, the label arm of party starters Cabin Fever, shared a new record in their White Label series. Always available as a super limited run of hand-stamped records (once they’re gone, they’re really gone), previous contributions have come from Syz as well as Guava, Breaka and pals, and now they’re firing it up once again with an EP from Graz-based producer Awo Ojiji. While the wigged-out, percussive tracks take cues from UK club music, specifically the realms of leftfield techno and bass, he manages to craft his own singular take on these UK-centric sounds.


Solidify will be released on 30th September via Control Freak Recordings.