Premiere: Theus Mago & Curses – Testaroj

Image 23-08-2022 at 00.11

Two synergetic minds come together for the first time on Optimo Music Recordings.

Fists clenched, brow furrowed, he bit his bottom lip to stop him shouting the myriad of profanities the swirled around his head. Everyone that knew him well would describe him as having a calm temperament; a level-headed individual who approached situations with composure and coolness, but this time his patience was tested like never before. He felt as if his head were about to explode; if he were in a cartoon smoke would be firing out of his ears and the shrill whistle of a kettle boiling would resound around the place. Steadying his breath he brought himself back down to solid ground, he hoped that would be the first and the last time his calm exterior would be shattered.


In the world of psychedelic, punk-tinged electronic music, Duro Records boss Theus Mago and Ombra International founder Curses are prolific producers in their own right, so when the pair come together you know that sparks are guaranteed to fly. Linking up at the beginning of the pandemic, the duo set out to create a collection of music that would transport them back to the recently closed clubs. Fusing elements of new beat, punk, dub and dark club music, Antídoto, which finds a home on Optimo Music Recordings, is packed with fuel to ignite the dance floor.


Antídoto will be released on 7th October via Optimo Music Recordings.