Premiere: Dumbo Tracks feat Indra Dunis – Always Something

ITA119 Artwork

The Cologne-based producer teams up with a long list of collaborators to explore the world of dub.

Everything had to be in its place, from the hairs on her forehead to the sheen of her shoes and the placement of the ornaments on her mantel piece. She wanted things to be just so. And so she expected the same from everybody around her, but they could never meet her high standards, she sometimes couldn’t reach her own. From the outside you’d assume she had a handle on each and every element of her life, but deep down she was never happy, there was always something that could be improved.


For his self-titled debut album under the moniker Dumbo Tracks, Cologne producer Jan Philipp Janzen (known elsewhere for his work as Von Spar, Die Sterne and Urlaub in Polen) explores the world of dub in its many forms. Linking up with a long list of collaborators, including the likes of DJ Koze, Portable, Die Nerven’s Julian Knoth and Peaking Lights’ Indra Dunis, the LP celebrates the idea of the studio and the possibilities of post-production, a core component in the creation of dub music, by honing in on each element and approaching each one them as a separate instrument.