Premiere: Dawn Razor – Getting (Yushh’s Dusk Mix)

Written by Oli Fletcher

Of Paradise welcome the Russian techno producer to the label.

Her days began cold, the anxiety grew more and more as the minutes went by. With every movement a rush of fear-inducing thoughts hit her, as if hiding was her only choice. She counted down the seconds in her head, waiting for the moment that she’d set foot out of her anxious state of mind and into that smoke-filled room. It was there amongst the beams of light and the rolling sub frequencies that she left her head and moved into her body. Freedom flowed as she entered the darkness: the night was here and it was hers.


Known for his groundbreaking live performances and DJ sets of broken beat techno, trance, mystical electronica and muted bass, Dawn Razor translates this heady cocktail of sounds to his own productions. With previous releases on A R T S, Scuffed and Holding Hands, to name but a few, Dawn Razor now makes his way to London’s Of Paradise for his forthcoming EP, Scary Movies, which comes with a twisted remix from Pressure Dome boss Yushh: packed full of attitude, it’s a masterclass in jagged techno and twisted breaks.