Premiere: Anna Funk Damage – Not Easy


Unrealistic Electronics start life with a compilation featuring music from a collection of their favourite producers.

Things hadn’t come easy for her, everything she had she’d worked tirelessly for. Since childhood she’d had no help or hand outs; she brought herself up, she was her own parent, teacher, brother and sister. Not many people knew how hard life had been for her in the past, it was something she’d chosen to keep to herself. It wasn’t through embarrassment or shame, she was proud of her journey and how she’d got to this point, but she believed that if people were to judge her, it could only be based on the person she was today.


Unrealistic Electronics is a brand new label birthed in Spain. For their first release they’ve called on some of their favourite music minds to set the tone for what can be expected from their camp in future. The eponymous compilation features 10 tracks from artists across the globe who are exploring the worlds of minimal wave, electro and punk-tinged electronics. Each artist brings their own distinct take on these raw, DIY sounds including the likes of Florian Kupfer, Das Ding, Beau Wanzer, Maoupa Mazzocchetti and Anna Funk Damage.