Premiere: Zillas On Acid – Dora (Lo Kindre Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Lo Kindre remixes Zillas on Acid in a weirdly wonderful, kraut inspired style.

Dora was beautiful, her hair was long and elegant as she walked calmly towards the field of flowers. A few hours ago she had been flying in the sky, the deep radiant blue had seemed as if it might swallow the plane. However, now she was here, back on earth with her feet firmly rooted to the ground.

The clouds had rolled in, perhaps a reflection of her sombre mood. She stood all alone, a little lost amidst the radiant mirage of colours and pearly flowers which dazzled and disrupted the otherwise grey, beige background.

Perhaps she was one of them too, a bright flower amidst a hazy world.


Zillas on Acid are set to release a new EP on Jennifer Cardini and partner Noura Labbani’s record label Dischi Autumno. This one also features some killer remixes with the highlight coming in the form of a cinematic kraut inspired affair from Lo Kindre who does a spectacular job of reworking the original.

Listen below and Buy HERE