Premiere: Red D – Luv & Dub (San Soda Bass Mix)


Splendid House music at its very best on a label synonymous with quality in the genre.

The bubbles were hypnotic and mesmerising as they flew through the air towards the ocean. They drifted atop the breeze out to sea before popping and becoming one with the air around them.

This place was some kind of magic, sun kissed and decadent. He strolled alongside the pool, gazing out at the mythical view which lay before him. It was hard to believe that this time last week he was at home, lost in the midst of the city.

Out here there were better things. Love, sun, dub and an energy which would keep him fulfilled for a lifetime if only he could.

As the sun began to set in the distance he took in a deep breath, bracing himself for the night to come…


Belgian producer, DJ and FCL member Red D has announced a new remix EP dubbed ‘Re-Fantasized & Realized’ featuring tracks from his 2022 album. He has invited a stellar cast of friends and producers to remix his work including the likes of Charles Webster, Kai Alice and Far Out Radio Systems.

It is however the San Soda remix which we bring to you today, a wonderful deep cut set to cause mischief on the dancefloor.

Listen below: