Hiver: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix

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Hiver Press Pic

Hiver are perhaps the most exciting act to emerge from Italy’s bubbling Dance and Electronic music scene – drawing upon a variety of influences their deep, pensive sounds are as forward thinking and loud in the clubs as they are suited to listening at home.

Hiver have worked damn hard. For many years they have cut their teeth building relationships and working tirelessly on music in their native Italy. They have become a core representation of a developing musical ethos in the country, one which is seeking to challenge the preconceptions of Italy’s previous club culture with an array of new festivals and clubs pushing things forward across the country.

Since 2012 the pair have released a steady string of records forming close relationships with the likes of Curle, Fides and Vidab who have offered a consistent outlet for them to develop as artists and establish the type of music that they really want to make.


More recently they have began to receive the acclaim and attention that they deserve – playing a broader array of shows outside of Italy in Ibiza, Amsterdam and Berlin. However, it is still very much Italy that they call home.

This summer will see them return to play a special show at two respective editions of Polifonic Festival, one in Milan and another in Puglia. It is a festival with which they hold a strong affiliation having also released music via the imprint.

Polifonic is a festival which somewhat sits in tandem to the growth of Hiver, having also evolved over many years to create its own niche with Italian and European electronic music culture.

This mixtape is a whirlwind introduction the the music of Hiver but we expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon following their most recent release which emerged on Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records.

Listen below: