Ylia prepares for release of second album on Balmat

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800px Press Shot – Ylia_(credit_@_Nacho Griaza)

Her second album, ‘Ame Agaru’, is forthcoming next month.

Ylia—aka Susana Hernández, is set to release a new album on Balmat, the label run by Albert Salinas and Philip Sherburne. Forthcoming on the 7th of July the album comes off the back of what has been a busy and difficult spell for the musician who has previously released material on the likes of Lapsus Records, Hivern Discs, Super Utu/Stars on Earth and Paralaxe Editions.

It was on Paralaxe Editions that Ylia released her debut album and whilst her new record is clearly a continuation of the ambient investigations of that debut, it still differs in key ways. The principle difference is in the use of many more acoustic instruments, neatly disguised. Her partner, Alejandro Lévar, lends fingerpicked acoustic guitar to the dronescapes of “Todos los Cuerpos”; multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Tete Leal adds flutes, clarinet, and soprano saxophone to “Ame Agari”—or “after the rain”—which opens the album.



The album features eight tracks with the first streaming online now: