Darone Sassounian: The Wednesday Alternative Mix

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Darone Sassounian

The Los Angeles based selector channels elements of 70’s and 80’s music throughout a variety of present material to create a sun kissed soundscape reminiscent of a simpler time.

Darone Sassounian is the founder of a record label called Rocky Hill – it has become an outlet for his own music which is rooted in the foundations of Funk, Soul and Jazz. His ethos is based in trying to recreate the emotions and sounds of experiences during these times through new mechanisms – playing with the notion of House music and Broken Beat whilst staying true to the origins of the sound.

Based in Los Angeles he is a keen digger and in 2021, Darone released the celebrated compilation, “Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora: 1971 – 1982” on Terrestrial Funk.


His own music is versatile and expressive – not overly tuned but meticulously crafted at the same time.

This mixtape acts similarly – featuring a collection of dancefloor focussed material which is driven and direct yet retains the raw, DIY aesthetic of those early moments in Funk.

Listen below:

Buy the latest EP on Rocky Hill HERE.