Premiere: Vongold – DAC

PP029 Pals Vol. 6 Artwork

Play Pal Records return with the sixth edition of their Pal compilation series featuring artists from across the globe.

From the bookshelves to the curtains and the once varnished table top, inches of dust covered the surfaces. Hoards of newspapers and old magazines stacked to ceiling height and baskets of trinkets and old gadgets cluttered the floor. The past had always fascinated him more than the present, it conjured up feelings of nostalgia that he preferred to linger in. Though the world continued to move forwards he was happy to stay exactly where he was.


For the best part of a decade, through their events and record label Madrid’s Play Pal Music have been exploring the darker spaces of electronic music touching on disco, new wave, psychedelic and slo mo. Sandwiched between their lengthy discography of artist EPs, they’ve been sharing their Pals VA compilations which have called on artists from all over the world who choose to lurk in the shadowy corners. For their sixth instalment they’ve brought together the likes of Arvin Fajar, Leo af Ekenstam and Vongold, among others, for seven tracks that travel between the cosmic, the deep and the heady fringes of dance music.


Pals Vol 6. will be released on 7th October via Play Pal.