Premiere: Plazmot & Xen – Sakana (Khidja’s Dub Remix)


Malka Tuti celebrate seven years of the label with a sprawling compilation of new tracks and unreleased remixes.

They’d forgotten the path they’d trodden – the winding streets had formed a maze they could not conquer. Retracing their steps brought them no closer to an exit; every sign looked the same, every shop painted in the same faded colours – nothing set one apart from the next. It was a beautiful purgatory that felt both safe and uncertain all at once. Maybe they didn’t mind being lost, at some point they would have to be found…


In 2020 Malka Tuti should have been celebrating five years in the game with plenty of dates and special plans in the diary. The pandemic hit and they were forced to regroup and postpone their plans until this year, now marking their seventh anniversary as a label. To commemorate the date they’ve rallied friends and family for a sprawling compilation, Sheva, which features never-heard-before remixes and fresh tracks carefully curated over the last two years. Encompassing the heady, psychedelic sonics we’ve come to associate with the Malka Tuti world, the 12-track release features music from the likes of Red Axes, Nicola Cruz, Plazmot & Xen, Decha, Khidja and Manfredas, to name but a few.


Sheva will be released on 4th November on Malka Tuti.