Premiere: Trikk Feat. Gabriel Massan – Mata Mata (Working Men’s Club Remix)

trikk working mens club remix

We’re premiering the jackin’ Working Men’s Club Remix from Trikk’s Flora & Fauna EP.

Once upon a rickety ship, sailed Trikk and Gabriel Massan on a voyage fantastical, To the land of rhythm and beats, where dreams turned magical. Their music, a wondrous creation, set hearts aflutter and souls to soar, “Mata Mata,” a melody untamed, with its essence hard to ignore.

Innervisions, the mystical realm, where musical spirits danced and played, Welcomed the duo with open arms, their talent grandly displayed. But lo and behold! Working Men’s Club, the sorcerers of sound, Embarked on a mission to remix, adding their touch profound.


Like a cauldron brewing, the remix simmered, enchantment in the air, The beats electrified, melodies transformed with flair. The dancefloor trembled with delight, as bodies moved in perfect sync, The crowd bewitched, captivated, with every rhythmic link.

Trikk’s vocals entwined with Gabriel’s, harmonies whispered in the night, A symphony of enchantment, a dazzling musical sight. Innervisions revelled in the magic, their spirits soaring high, Trikk, Gabriel, and Working Men’s Club, in musical harmony they lie.

And so, the tale of “Mata Mata” weaves through time and space, A fusion of talents, a mesmerising chase. Edward Lear would surely smile, at this whimsical display, As music’s magic unfolded, in Lear’s peculiar way.

Trikk’s debut album, Fauna & Flora was released earlier this year on Innervisions and showcased collaborations with artists such as Jimi Jules and Gabriel Massan. The album blends club music with art-rock, punk, and post-punk elements. Now comes remix EP featuring Roman Flügel, Or:la, and the jackin’ Working Men’s Club which we’re premiering here…


Fauna & Flora Remix EP w/ Roman Flügel, Or:la & Working Men’s Club remixes is released on 16th of June.