Premiere: Reda Saiarh – I’m Not Your Friend

HE003 Artwork

The Geneva-based producer and Canal 54 co-founder returns to R$N Records sub-label Human Endeavour for his first solo EP.

Having appeared on Human Endeavour’s inaugural Various Artists release, ‘Trains Of Thought’, Geneva-based DJ and producer Reda Saiarh now steps up to the plate for his first solo EP on the imprint, which showcases his fresh, forward-thinking take on Belgian New Beat.

Drawing inspiration from his Belgo-Moroccan heritage, on ‘Comfort Zone’, he approaches the traditions of the genre with a completely new twist that weaves elements of progressive trance, jackin’ 90s house and Italo disco into the mix, whilst harking back to the heyday with his trusty bank of signature New Beat samples.


‘I’m Not Your Friend’ rounds the EP off on a guttural note, literally. Reda cheekily samples a burp, which is used as a percussive guide alongside tinkling bells and tittering hats, while the track’s title rings out over hopeful pads, a soaring metallic synth line and a deep bass groove.


Comfort Zone will be released on 14th February via Human Endeavour Records.