Premiere: Anastasia Zems – Trust Me

Zems Final

Our Ransom Note Records sub-label Human Endeavour welcome the DJ, vocalist and producer for an EP of sludgy acid, coldwave and EBM.

Hot on the heels of the inaugural release, a Various Artists EP featuring six producers from across the world, Human Endeavour Records share their second release and first solo artist EP, Confession Time.

A collection of mid-tempo sludge for the heads down crew, the four tracks see the Les Yeux Orange and Needs alumni thread the needle between acid, EBM and cold wave, laced with her signature sultry vocals.


The first track to be shared is ‘Trust Me’, which launches with crisp percussion and hollow drum hits before a warbling sub bass engulfs us whole. Eerie pads and shimmering synths are introduced alongside ghostly vocal stabs which elevate the sonics from the darkness.

On the inspiration behind the EP, Anastasia explains: “Behind each of the tracks there is a story about something personal. It so happens that my vocals usually appear in tracks during improvisation and most often do not change. This is my way of expressing feelings. It turns out that this is the time for confession.”

Human Endeavour is curated and run by Ransom Note Editor, and one half of DJ duo Kiara Scuro, Rosie Ama Cain, and is a “space for artists who are exploring the dark, deep and hypnotic corners of the musical spectrum.”