Premiere: Thomass Jackson & MKDSL – Pecador

PGR 042_cover art

Playground Records commemorate 9 years in the game with a sprawling artist compilation.

The plan was set in stone and now the wheels were in motion. This time it had to be foolproof, he couldn’t risk being caught again – each time the punishment had been more severe. The promise of freedom kept him going, he’d do whatever he could to escape this place, he should never have been sent here to begin with. That night, as the building fell silent and the lights dimmed to black, he awaited the signal and prayed that this time he would not fail.


It’s been 9 years since Playground came into existence and they’re commemorating this musical journey with the help of friends and family from across the world. Starting as a party in their original home of Buenos Aires, the crew behind it have grown to become a label platform for international artists who are pushing the boundaries of hypnotic electronic music.

This milestone is being celebrated with a sprawling compilation that features the sounds that represent the past, present and future of the imprint. New and old friends provide the sonics, namely the likes of Curses, Kate Stein, MR TC, Shubostar and Theus Mago, which stretch from downtempo cuts to psychedelic synth excursions, club experiments and much more.