Premiere: KIKOK feat Loua – Daydream Hologram


The third instalment of Electric Shapes’ Unreleased Territory VA.

Was it a daydream or reality? She wasn’t sure anymore; perhaps she was just seeing what she wanted to see. These mirages had become more and more frequent, they’d become an escape from her daily life and the worries and woes attached to it. She preferred to linger in these moments, at times to her detriment, but who could blame her – her imagination provided things reality could never dream up.


It’s been a year since Lithuanian imprint Electric Shapes released their last Unreleased Territory VA into the world. Following a fruitful 2021 filled with releases from AJO, Far East Flight, Tadan and more, they usher in the new year instalment number three of the compilation series. Enlisting a fresh bunch of artists to contribute, including the likes of Rambal Cochet, T-woc, Kolomensky and KIKOK, the 20-track outing roams through the outer reaches of electronic music, from weirdo digi dub to downtempo breakbeats, twisted acid rollers and hypnotic coldwave.


Unreleased Territory Vol. 3 is out on 28th January. Official video directed & Edited by Swanli. Vocals by Loua.