Premiere: Datasette – Sentinel

3 Minute Read

Pensive ambient meets electro on a spaced out dub inspired EP from Datasette.

There were eyes everywhere – they watched and gazed upon the world, passing judgement and creeping on the sensibilities of the innocent and vulnerable.

Some called them sentinels, others knew them as watchers. Perched on each street corner it was their job to keep the peace and ensure that everything was in order and as it should be. That was what the system would want after all, order. For if there were not to be order then what sort of chaos might be left?

This was the world in which they knew it…


Datasette is an acclaimed producer having released music via the likes of Ai Records, Apollo/ R&S, Wall Of Sound, CPU and Shipwrec. Now he delivers a cutting edge, futuristic EP which combines elements of dub with ambience and electro on Lapsus.