Premiere: Dj Compufunk – Inner Vision

3 Minute Read

Uplifting melodic house with beautiful, floating arps forthcoming on Yore.

From time to time he found himself lost within his own train of thought. They weren’t fantasies or dreams but inner visions, predictions of the future in which the world around him was very different.

For a start, it was all green. Everything, everywhere was radiant and glowing in the warmth of the sunlight and wild plants, leaves and trees were all around.

Then there were the people dancing, they moved freely beneath the warm glow and merged with the shadows which separated their celestial bodies. He wished it might never end but soon enough these visions would end, only to be replaced with the stark grey of reality.


Yore Records are set to release an inspired EP by Dj Compufunk. This one is all about showcasing house music at its very best. Tracks crafted with precision and uplifting, euphoric melodies designed to produce serotonin.