Premiere: Odopt – Syntagma


Serenades welcome Odopt and Dolphins to the label for an EP as part of their split series.

The square was vast and wide, only a handful of people were strolling around in the cold, harsh morning air. The myriad of shops bordering the cobbles were beginning to open; awnings out and signs propped front, right and centre, advertising all manner of trinkets, treasures and memorabilia. Soon the place would be brimming with visitors from near and far, all looking for something unique to bring back home with them – for a piece of this place, a memory of a time well spent.


After their first split-format EP with Anatolian Weapons and LINJA back in 2021, Russian imprint Serenades are returning for another, and this time its Dolphins and Odopt sharing the wax. Continuing the series’ mission to connect artists from different places around the world, the release features two tracks from the project of Benedikt Frey, Markus Woernle & Nadia D’Alò as Dolphins and Grigory Nelyubin & Ivan Maslov as Odopt. Strains of downtempo, leftfield and psychedelia all interweave: there’s music for losing yourself and forgetting your worries on the dance floor, and there’s also sounds for introspection and deep listening.