Premiere: REES – Energia


The Middlesborough producer self-releases a two-tracker of euphoric trance and house flavours.

A chorus of chatter resounded through the streets, excitement filled the air from the front of the queues to the very back. The energy was palpable on this balmy and warm night, it was the beginning of a season of dancing into the early hours – summer had finally arrived after a rocky start to the year. From dusk till dawn all of these magical spaces would be brimming with bodies dancing in unison beneath stars; all worries and cares would be left at the door, for now anything outside of these four walls was of no concern to them…


REES’ bold and euphoric blend of Italo, house, Balearic and trance has formed releases for the likes of Bordello A Parigi, Permanent Vacation and CWPT. The Middlesborough-based producer is now taking matters into his own hands for his next EP, a self-released two-tracker that throws all those aforementioned influences into the mix. Energia by name, energy by nature: it’s full of soaring synths, bright pads and pumping rhythms to get the body moving.