Premiere: Awanto 3 – Sawyoulater

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RH-Store Jams 025 Front

Deep, intelligent, classy grooves from Awanto 3 on the first ‘Party’ volume on Rush Hour.

He recalled the night before, remembered the smoke which filled the room as the music began to play loudly, her smile was radiant in the darkened haze.

The next few hours had been. a blur as he lost himself in the rhythm of the music which bounced and blundered between the walls of the small club. This was a magical place, a party like no other.

Sure enough, as he’d hoped he’d saw her later, she’d followed him home in the glow of the morning sun after the night before. Or perhaps that was just a memory of what had been before…


Awanto 3 is set to release a new EP on Rush Hour, a fun affair built up of moody textures and broken beats which really goes hard and comes with an interesting back story to boot…

“Party was born in a small village located in Wallonia during a period of house-sitting for a family on holiday. Initially my mother was asked to take care of the chickens, goat, dog and donkey but eventually I decided to take care of them to relieve my mother. This week turned out to be a small nightmare, because I think the house was being possessed by a spirit that I had to deal with night and day. The vibe of the house was so grimy, due to the fact that there were calendars with all kinds of weapons and dark oak furniture, interspersed with a huge flatscreen and blinds at the ready to be rolled out when the sun started to go down (by request of the paranoid owner). This setting affected my sketches; a dark side that was looking for contra light weight. After I took care of the animals, I had an energy to escape to my MPC to make the basis for a possible new album. When I got back in Amsterdam, I started to work out some of the sketches I’ve made in the ghost house together with Stefan and Jos in Studio K at Sloterdijk.”

Listen below: