Premiere: ELLES – Candyflip 69


The naive staple marks five years of the Lisbon-based imprint with her debut LP.

Time seemed to move slower on a Friday, maybe she was clock watching too much. She drummed her fingers on the table and moved her computer mouse about to create the illusion she was still hard at work. The only thing on her mind was signing out and logging on to the night’s activities. The weekend held promise of hedonistic experiences, of spaces to dance and play, of meetings with old friends and conversations with new ones. Until Monday arrived, the responsibilities of the week had no place in her thoughts: she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.


There’s plenty of celebrations in order for the next release on Violet’s naive imprint. It’s even in the name. A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Life is the debut album from London-based producer and DJ ELLES, which also marks the fifth anniversary of naive and the first ever LP to be released on the label. Across its 11 tracks, the album tells ‘the story of a night out and all the nights out’, and laces her own personal reflections of the bliss and freedom that going out clubbing gives us all – a cathartic subject as the release was predominantly written during a time that we were sorely missing these hedonistic spaces and the communities that frequented them.

Sonically it brings together off-kilter dance music, acid, rave, Balearic, electro and a whole host of other sounds, all of which contribute to what ELLES dubs as “a love-letter to those vital community spaces for finding your people and pleasures and also about personal healing, processing life and discovering moments of clarity amidst the noise.”