Premiere: Aroent – Say (Ploy’s Skeletal Tool Remix)

IM096 – Aroent – Say

The Greek-born, Berlin-based producer makes his debut on Infinite Machine.

The silence in the room was deafening; an air of unease had been present ever since she entered the room. For the past few days he’d made a decision to grin and bear it, there wasn’t long before he could remove himself from this situation for good – until then he’d keep himself to himself and say nothing at all. In all honesty, he was out of words now, there was nothing left to say that hadn’t been said already, she couldn’t turn back the hands of time…


Infinite Machine made a statement with their final release of 2021. A celebration of them reaching 10 years in the game, the label are now looking ahead to another packed year continuing their exploration of the weird corners of contemporary dance music.

Following a label return from Soft As Snow last month, Infinite Machine welcome Greek-born producer Aroent to the family for a four-track EP, made up of three originals and a rework from Deaf Test boss Ploy. You can hear the different influences that inform his approach – touches of IDM, UK techno, bass and experimental funnel into the dense, layered compositions, which are full of heavy drum programming, crisp percussion and plenty of swing.