Premiere: rRoxymore – Drunken Clouds


The DBA regular makes her debut on Aus.

Was it a crime to daydream your life away? Thinking about the what ifs and the should haves; imagining yourself in scenarios so far removed from your reality… There was certainly no harm in it, idealism was an escape, it provided a respite from what was happening here on solid ground. If you preferred to live way up above the clouds, drunk on fantasies and wishful thoughts, what of it? Let yourself drift… at least just for a moment.


rRoxymore has proved herself a master of leftfield electronics. These sounds have come via releases for Ideophone, Timedance and Don’t Be Afraid, the longtime partner who’ve housed several of her records since 2016. On her new EP, I Wanted More, a debut outing for Aus she continues her exploration of contrasting textures and atmospheres – intricate and tender synths combat crunchy, powerful drums to create a “perfect elixir for any morning dance floor”.


I Wanted More will be released on 10th June via Aus Music.