Premiere: Chevals – Afterparty


Dansu Discs welcome the Paris-based producer to the label.

Swaying arm in arm and bleary-eyed, they began the short walk back home to continue the night’s festivities. Garbled chatter and declarations of love for one another resounded through the streets, guiding their way to the afterparty. Though the evening so far had been one to remember, or not in some people’s cases, they always looked forward to the afters and the long winding conversations that would surely ensue. The night wasn’t close to being over, it still had plenty more in store for them…


Dansu Discs just keep em coming. Hot on the heels of a white label record from Dafs and Ed Hodge’s Sour Hour EP, the Manchester-based label now call on the talents of Paris-based producer Chevals to take care of the next release. Blueprints is recommended to be enjoyed from start to finish, taking you through the club experience from ‘open to close’. There’s uplifting, emotive electronics and twinkling breakbeat cuts to warm up the dance floor culminating in euphoric electro for the peak time ravers.