Premiere: Cheb Runner – Raibotic Love / نظام راي بيت


An exploration of Belgian new beat, traditional Raï melodies and electronic touches on Brussels’ Oddball Fantasies.

Boredom had set in, he’d been waiting here since dawn had broken and the sun had peered its head above the horizon. No meeting time had been given, only a location and date, so he couldn’t let impatience get the better of him, he had no right to complain. He dug his foot into the ground and kicked up the dust, watching it rise and settle before repeating the same action, over and over. Perhaps this would make time move faster, he thought to himself, and whoever extended this mysterious invitation would appear amidst a cloud of dust.


Over the decade that he’s been producing, Cheb Runner has quickly become synonymous with fusing the sounds of his homelands: Morocco and Belgium. On his next release, and the second record on Brussels label Oddball Fantasies, these two influences permeate the four tracks, resulting in a meeting of old and new sounds. Titled Raï Beat System, Cheb effortlessly blends elements of traditional Raï, Belgian New Beat and 80s electro with a fresh electronic touch.