Premiere: XINDL – Smash Bowser

5 Minute Read
Cover by Monelle Aimée Kanza
Written by Alasdair King

A fast paced journey through EBM, electro and beyond via Subject To Restrictions Discs.

The pixels darted and danced across the small screen, they flickered and flashed with a radiant glow before vanishing forever not to be seen again. In the background the sounds and sirens of a magical world chirped and chimed as he pressed the buttons furiously with vigour.

It was time to smash bowser, to leave him in the dust and banish him from the box.

The arcade was crowded, an existential escape from the wild world outside. Music played loud and the whoops and screams of excited patrons echoed through the ranks of the old building.

It was all that was left.


XINDL is set to release a new record via Subject To Restrictions Discs. It’s a nostalgic affair, a nod to old 90’s EBM, electro and beyond as the record whizzes and skips between sounds. This track ‘Smash Bowser’ is a bit of a secret weapon.

Listen below: