Premiere: Tech Support – Feelings Electric


Driving synth chuggers from the London-based producer on his debut EP for Ano Ano.

The road stretched for miles and miles, disappearing beyond the horizon where the land met the sky. Dusk was beginning to set in, turning the sky a mixture of pink and orange hues that swirled and danced over head. The highway cleared and silence began to fall, the road ahead belonged to them now, it was theirs for the taking. Pedal to the metal, the car quickly gathered steam, picking up dust as they headed for nowhere in particular. There was no need for a destination, it was all about the journey.


London-based producer Tech Support lands on Paris imprint Ano Ano with an EP of signature driving synth cuts. Having already cemented his reputation as a purveyor of the finest Italo-tinged synth wave, notably on his releases for the likes of Futureboogie, Nocturne and Silver Bear (not to mention his stellar run of self-released edits), he now brings another batch of deftly-produced cuts that weave together acid, indie dance, Italo disco and chugging rhythms.


Feelings Electric will be released on 23rd September.