Premiere: Small Crab – Bengal Spice

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Marie Montexier’s Paryìa imprint returns with a release from Dublin-based producer Small Crab.

The food market was filled with wonderful aromas that drifted out of small kitchens and from bustling shop fronts, forcing your mouth to salivate. All manner of tastes were catered for, it was impossible to choose from all the options, you had to just follow your nose. Owners beckoned you in, offering samples of their finest dishes; a snapshot of cuisines from Indonesia to Hawaii, from Senegal to Iran – though you were in one place, your tastebuds could take a trip around the world.


Marie Montexier has established herself as formidable force in the DJ world. As a way of sharing some of the sounds that inspire her, a year ago she set about creating Paryìa, a newly minted record label that launched with a release from a.b.u.3.0.3. She builds on the success of that first release with EP number two, this time enlisting the skills of Dublin-based producer and founding member of Skin & Blister, Small Crab. Packed full of percussive textures and breaks, the EP gives a window into her different musical influences, and comes complete with a weighty remix from 3024 and Intercept producer Talik.


Flowing with Honey will be released on vinyl and digital on 7th October.