Premiere: Blomfelt & Narby – Barbara Just Left

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Atomnation mark their 100th release with a debut album from the London-based duo.

Pedal to the metal, he raced down the street, gathering as much speed as he possibly could. Why did he leave it to last minute? He’d had so many opportunities to tell her how he really felt and so far he’d scuppered them all. This was his last chance, he’d already heard from friends about her plans to embark on a new chapter, but he hoped that he could be part of that. Pulling up to her place, he noticed the darkened windows and the empty driveway, was it too little too late? All the signs pointed to one answer: she’d already left.


We always admire the passion and determination that goes into label work, even more so when that hard work translates to a huge milestone. Dutch imprint Atomnation have reached their 100th release, and to commemorate the occasion they’ve invited London-based producers Blomfelt & Narby to take charge with what marks the pair’s debut album. Though both grew up in Switzerland, they met on the dance floor of Peckham pool hall Canavans whilst studying at university, and quickly found common ground in their love of electronic music.

Fast-forward a few years and, after moving in together and visiting Blomfelt’s birthplace of Finland, they began embarking on a musical path together. Some of the tracks written during that visit to Finland are housed on this immersive LP, Peter, Barbara, Beth & Friends, which draws from electronica, breakbeat, garage and ambient, marrying synthetic and organic sounds with field recordings, intricate, skittering drums and celestial pads.