Premiere: DJ Hoshino – Transcendental Love

5 Minute Read
[CRTQ007] Artwork Front

Futuristic, ethereal electronics from Hackney producer Dj Hoshino.

Some had said this sort of myriad might only exist in fairytales and fantasies. Now, as he found himself staring into the endless ocean before him, his hand clasped by his significant other, he knew that he had perhaps discovered something rather remarkable.

His love was transcendental, it flowed and flickered inside his very heart, weaving between the outer spaces and his extremities and engulfing his mental state with a warm, foggy fuzz. To others this might seem far fetched and confused yet in this state everything felt as if it made much sense.

Perhaps the only other person who might get it was that who held his hand, her.


Dj Hoshino is set to release a new EP on Critique, a record which “illustrates a rising energy born out of dark confines, reflecting our patient return to clubs and nightlife all over the world”.

The record is out today and is set to do damage in the clubs. One to watch? We think so…