Premiere: Eva Geist & Chikiss – Notturno Crescendo

sr005 front print

A collaboration between the two artists on Leeds-based imprint Space Ritual.

It was a full moon tonight; it felt bigger than ever before, its expanse taking over the entire sky. Under its glare, strange things took place; unexplainable happenings that people couldn’t fathom. There was a change in moods and temperaments, in personalities and actions – a nocturnal switch that sent everyone on a different course, a course that lasted only as long as the moon hung in the sky.


It’s been a couple of years since Leeds-based label Space Ritual released a record into the world. Now they’re embarking on their fifth outing, a combined effort between Italian vocalist and producer Eva Geist and Russian singer and composer Chikiss. The three tracks on Sono I’imperatore were originally recorded back in 2018 after the pair met in Berlin and found mutual ground in their creative interests. The contrasting qualities in their solo musical outputs have been fused on this release which travels through strung out rhythms, eerie synths and soft, whispered vocals that drift in and out of focus.