Premiere: Sam Alfred – Boogie on Mars


The Naarm-based producer returns to Phenomena Records for a new EP full of nostalgic house and techno.

He never felt more free than being on a dance floor. Arms flailing, feet tapping, hips swaying; it was something that took him out of his body and into another realm. The dance floor could be wherever he wanted it to be, there didn’t need to be low lights, a darkened room, or swathes of bodies for him to move, the only necessity was the music – those sweet sonic vibrations were the fuel for his movement.


Lutruwita-born, Naarm-based producer and DJ Sam Alfred is part of Melbourne’s thriving electronic scene. A lover of deep house, jazz-tinged electronics and UK G, Sam feeds these influences into his own music: a nostalgia inducing cocktail of house and techno, which so far has seen him release music for Love Above Records, Spinning Around, Happy Wax and Phenomena Records – the home of his new EP. Speed Racing was written during the pandemic and is the result of Sam experimenting with different sounds and styles which he puts down to the ‘pure boredom’ that came with being holed up in his bedroom during lockdown.